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Plan to Prosper offers a number of "value added" services that are designed to help business owners save time and become more profitable.

Stephen Eiler

Business Consulting

Stephen Eiler - President and Founder of Plan to ProsperPlan to Prosper was founded by Stephen Eiler who held various senior positions with well known organizations before starting the company.

He worked with Hewlett Packard to help them develop their dealer program in Canada. Much of his time was spent working with small to medium business to help them maximize their sales of Hewlett Packard products.

He worked with IBM to help them expand their business into companies that had not purchased IBM products or services in the past.

In partnership with Algonquin College he provided consulting to senior executives and business owners designed to help them grow their businesses in an ever changing market.

In partnership with the Ottawa Entrepreneurial Centre (Part of OCRI) he provided similar services.

In his experience, many companies become so busy doing what needs to be done to support their businesses on a day to day basis, that they fail to develop / follow  a “plan to prosper” and end up frustrated because they don't achieve the results they could.

In order to help companies in this situation, Stephen developed a simple planning methodology and formed Plan to Prosper. 

The organization he founded is uniquely qualified to help you develop and execute a strategy to help you realize the maximum potential of your business.

It also provides additional services so that you can focus on the critical things you need to do in order to maximize your success.

To learn more please contact: or call 613-627-0302

Wayne Mitchell

Corporate Designer

Wayne Mitchell - Corporate DesignerWayne's strength is in corporate identity and brand development, including logo creation and promotional material design. He helps build a strong brand from the ground up, a brand that echoes your corporate values, and shows your target audience the value you offer.

Wayne has, for 25 years, worked with writers, marketing and branding strategists, sales channel developers, public relations experts and web developers.

He helps clients move people to action, and helps companies build a brand their customers believe in. When they trust your brand, they will purchase your product or service.

Kendra Burt

Telemarketing Professional

Kendra Burt - Telemarketing ProfessionalKendra is an exceptional Telemarketing Professional who specializes in helping companies keep in touch with their customers or prospect for new business. She often finds herself setting up meetings for busy professionals who want to utilize prospecting services to help them grow their businesses.

Kendra has access to a wide variety of databases to help her do lead generation and cultivate new contacts.

PlantoProsper offers the services you may need to help you build a customized telemarketing script and flexible monthly rates based on the number of 'contact attempts' made each day

  • 80 contact attempts a day
  • 60 contact attempts a day
  • 40 contact attempts a day
  • 30 contact attempts a day
  • 20 contact attempts a day
  • 15 contact attempts a day
  • 10 contact attempts a day

Comprehensive reports are available to that you can easily keep track of the telemarketers progress.

Bonnie Laing

Writer, Editor and Marketing Consultant

Bonnie Laing - Writer, Editor and Marketing ConsultantBonnie is a talented writer, editor and marketing consultant, with extensive experience writing for all media, for a range of government departments as well as public and private sector clients.

A former teacher and marketing director, she brings to each assignment a unique understanding of communications strategy. She is an award-winning copywriter and has written speeches for several federal and provincial ministers. A particular area of expertise is in health promotion. She is one of two writers responsible for It's Your Health, Health Canada's premier consumer publication.

Bonnie also leads workshops in Plain Language and is the author of two books of fiction and two plays. She holds an Honours BA in English

Heather Murray

Web Designer

Heather Murray - Web DesignerHeather brings over 20 years of business experience. For approximately 15 of those years, she was employed with educational companies where she helped develop, create, and test curriculum and training products, including providing desktop publishing, graphical services and web design expertise. In addition, she has assisted companies with their strategic planning processes. She uses all of her experience in her own business – Cluster Web Design – by tailoring web designs and website functionality to each individual company.

Cluster Web Design is a web design company located in Steinbach, Manitoba. Cluster Web Design offers web design plus related web design services of:

  • search engine optimization,
  • social media optimization,
  • local search marketing,
  • consulting,
  • education/training services, and
  • website hosting.

For more information, please contact Cluster Web Design at or 204-326-5160 or


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