Stephen Eiler

Business Consulting

Plan to Prosper was founded by Stephen Eiler who held various senior positions with well known organizations before starting the company.

He worked with Hewlett Packard to help them develop their dealer program...

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Wayne Mitchell

Corporate Designer

Wayne's strength is in corporate identity and brand development, including logo creation and promotional material design. He helps build a strong brand from the ground up, a brand that echoes your corporate valu...

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Kendra Burt

Telemarketing Professional

Kendra is an exceptional Telemarketing Professional who specializes in helping companies keep in touch with their customers or prospect for new business. She often finds herself setting up meetings for busy...

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Bonnie Laing

Writer, Editor and Marketing Consultant

Bonnie is a talented writer, editor and marketing consultant, with extensive experience writing for all media, for a range of government departments as well as public and private sector client...

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Heather Murray

Web Designer

Heather brings over 20 years of business experience. For approximately 15 of those years, she was employed with educational companies where she helped develop, create, and test curriculum and training products, includ...

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